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Dream Square Resort

Dream Square Resort (Mawna, Gazipur, 4 star) is only a 50 km drive away from Hazrat Shahjalal Airport, Dhaka. This delightful retreat is in a place that is filled with the fragrance of cardamom and blooming buds of beautiful flowers all around which makes it a heavenly place. This home stay is surrounded by a serene cardamom plantation and flower garden. This unique ambiance of embracing nature encircled by plantations and woods truly gives you a stay that will make you feel close to nature.

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Strong Professional Team

Dream Square Resort has engaged a highly skilled professional team to ensure expected service to the valued guests. The team is committed to take care of it’s stakeholders, such as Guests’ interest, Associates’ interest and finally of course Owner’s interest.

Luxury Room

Dream Square Resort features a total of 140 different type of cottages to cater to guests’ needs.



BDT. 7,000++ per night Deluxe Couple
BDT. 14,000++ per night Executive King
BDT. 1,00000++ per night Presidential Suite
BDT. 10,000++ per night Premium Triple

Our Facilities

A good number of facilities have been introduced to cater to guests’ personal, family and corporate needs which may be easily find out from the below “find more” button in details.

Fitness Gym

A mini fitness GYM is available adjacent to swimming pool for use of room guests only.

Juice Bar

We have a Juice Bar with variety of flavors to facilitate our valued guests.

Hall Room

The Resort providing you lots of event facilities to make your corporate program flawless.


Vast patches of greenery (gardens, bushes, trees, etc.) are woven seamlessly all over Dream Square’s premises. Guests may travel anywhere inside the resort on open-bodied transit vehicles or on foot.

Cottages are blended into a believable rural aesthetic. The short cottages are complemented by tall modern villas.

A large watch tower allows adventurous guests to observe the full scale of the Dream Square Vista. From every lake and over the largest trees to the furthest reaches of the resort boundaries, the tower views all (100 acres/ 300 Bighas).

Dream Square Resort offers a blend of eastern and western hospitality in an atmosphere of timeless elegance, beyond comfortable, stylish rooms and unmatched natural view.